Successful Packaging Design

red dot awards 2015
Deliciest Pickles: Package design
Biokia Chocolate Berries: Product innovation, package series design, package design
Biokia Berry Powder: Package series design, package design
Saarioinen Packages for Meat Products: Designing packages and package series
Cola Turka: Package and sleever design
Saarioinen Mayos: Industrial design and package series designinen_majoneesit_thumbnail
Metsä Tissue Saga: Baking Paper, Cooking Paper: Communications concept, brand concept, package design, website design, campaign planning and international launch
Real Snacks: Potato Chips, Dips: Package series design
Biokia Chocolate Berries, Dried Berries, Frozen Berries, Berry Powders: Package series design a_pakkaukset_thumbnail
Fazer Opus Chocolate Box: Package design er
Saarioinen Salad Dressings: Industrial design, package design
Marja Kurki Gift Packages: Package design
Lemon Juice & Glycerine Hand Wash and Hand Creams: Re-branding, logo design, package series design, launch and campaign planning
Sinebrychoff Mead: Label design for package series
Deliciest Organic Pastas: Package series design